Why are you passionate about mental health?

    Why are you passionate about mental health?

    To understand the driving forces behind the passion for mental health, we reached out to CEOs, founders, and mental health advocates for their perspectives. From the lifelong importance of mental health to the importance of normalizing tough conversations, discover the top 10 reasons these professionals are passionate about mental health and its importance in our lives.

    • Lifelong Importance of Mental Health
    • Mental Health's Impact on Society
    • Personal Experience and Education
    • Technology Enhancing Mental Health Access
    • Optimal Mental and Physical Performance
    • Productivity and Creativity Benefits
    • Advocacy for Mental Health Resources
    • Value of Emotional Well-Being
    • Support of Mental Health Journeys
    • Normalization of Tough Conversations

    Lifelong Importance of Mental Health

    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am passionate about mental health because it is important at every stage of life. If you don't invest in your mental health, it can lead to stress, unnecessary disability, poor quality of life, anxiety, depression, strained relationships, burnout in your career, and lead to physical health conditions.

    Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yet it's often ignored, and there is a stigma against mental illness. However, prioritizing mental health or seeing a therapist can actually decrease the chances of developing a serious mental illness and/or could make an individual less mentally ill.

    Focusing on mental well-being will improve your quality of life, optimize your health, and decrease the chances of developing physical health conditions and needing long-term mental health treatment.

    Jennifer Zator
    Jennifer ZatorMental Health Therapist, Peace and Wellness Therapy Services, LLC

    Mental Health's Impact on Society

    As a serial entrepreneur, I realize that mental health is an essential aspect of life that cannot be ignored. Over the years, I have witnessed many people, including myself, struggle with mental health issues, ranging from anxiety to depression.

    These issues not only affect our personal lives but also our professional lives, making it difficult to perform at our best. Mental health is an often-overlooked aspect of overall health, and it is time for us to pay attention to it.

    I am passionate about mental health because I have seen the impact it can have on individuals and society. Mental health issues can lead to a decrease in productivity, increased absenteeism, and even suicide.

    It is not only a personal issue but also a societal issue that needs to be addressed. By promoting mental health and well-being, we can create a more productive and efficient society.

    Matthew Ramirez
    Matthew RamirezFounder, Paraphrasing Tool

    Personal Experience and Education

    Having experienced mental illness firsthand, I have seen the devastating impact it can have on one's life. It wasn't until I sought help that I realized how much stigma surrounds mental health and how many individuals cannot receive the support they need.

    As a result, I have developed a passion for education and advocacy surrounding mental health. I believe everyone deserves access to quality care and the ability to discuss their struggles openly without fear of judgment.

    By raising awareness and promoting resources, I hope to help break down the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help and lead them toward a path of healing and recovery.

    Jefferson McCall
    Jefferson McCallCo-Founder & HR Head, TechBullish

    Technology Enhancing Mental Health Access

    I am passionate about mental health because I believe that individuals' mental well-being is just as important as physical health. Technology can play a crucial role in providing accessible mental health resources to people who may not have had access to them before.

    We can leverage AI and machine learning to personalize mental health treatments, create user-friendly tools for self-care and relaxation, and expand access to therapy via telemedicine. Prioritizing mental health not only benefits individuals but also fosters a healthier, more productive workforce and society.

    Tarun Saha
    Tarun SahaCo-Founder & CEO, StallionZo

    Optimal Mental and Physical Performance

    During my journey as a triathlete, I understand that mental health is not the absence of mental illness—it's about nurturing and strengthening our minds to achieve optimal performance, resilience, and balance.

    Our mental state affects every aspect of our lives, including our physical performance, relationships, and overall quality of life. One reason I'm passionate about mental health is because I've experienced its impact on my fitness journey.

    I've witnessed firsthand how positive mental health practices, such as mindfulness, stress management, and self-care, can enhance performance, boost motivation, and improve recovery.

    Adam Wright
    Adam WrightCEO, Human Tonik

    Productivity and Creativity Benefits

    I'm passionate about mental health because I firmly believe that it plays a critical role in promoting productivity and creativity. Maintaining good mental health enables us to focus more effectively, think clearly, and problem-solve with more creativity.

    In my experience, when my mental health is thriving, I'm able to accomplish more, come up with innovative solutions, and engage with tasks in a more meaningful and rewarding way.

    I understand that maintaining mental health is an ongoing process that requires attention and care. This drives me to learn more about mental health and helps me strive for balance in my life while advocating for greater mental health awareness in our society.

    Will Gill
    Will GillEvent Entertainer, DJ Will Gill

    Advocacy for Mental Health Resources

    I am driven to advocate for improved mental health resources, access to care, and policies that support mental well-being. I believe everyone deserves equal access to quality mental health care and support.

    Through advocacy, we can work towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, ensuring that individuals receive the help they need without judgment or discrimination. By raising awareness, promoting education, and pushing for systemic change, we can create a society that values and prioritizes mental health.

    I am passionate about empowering individuals to seek help, promoting early intervention, and fostering a supportive environment where everyone can thrive mentally and emotionally.

    Together, we can make a positive impact on individuals, families, communities, and society. Mental health matters, and by advocating for it, we can contribute to a more compassionate and understanding world.

    Ben Lau
    Ben LauFounder, Featured SEO Company

    Value of Emotional Well-Being

    Mental health is an area that drives my passion, as I firmly believe in the need for a society that values emotional well-being. We must acknowledge the significance of mental health in creating a healthier society.

    Providing individuals with the support and resources to navigate their mental health challenges is essential. We foster empathy, understanding, and unity among people by placing an unwavering emphasis on mental well-being.

    Prioritizing mental health empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives, form meaningful connections, and positively affect their communities. It's high time we recognize mental health's paramount role in shaping a thriving society.

    Saneem Ahearn
    Saneem AhearnVP of Marketing, Colorescience

    Support of Mental Health Journeys

    I am passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding mental health because it plays a significant role in preventing individuals from seeking help and receiving the support they need. Stigma perpetuates shame, silence, and discrimination, leading to barriers to accessing mental health resources and understanding.

    By promoting open conversations, education, and acceptance, we can create a culture that supports individuals in their mental health journey and ensures they receive the care and understanding they deserve.

    Mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, and I am dedicated to fostering a society where everyone feels empowered to prioritize and nurture their mental health without judgment or fear of stigma.

    Roy Lau
    Roy LauCo-Founder, 28 Mortgage

    Normalization of Tough Conversations

    My struggles with infertility have ignited a deep passion within me to champion the mental well-being of women and small business owners and to normalize conversations around miscarriage and fertility issues.

    Engaging in this advocacy work fulfills me on a soul level and propels me forward, as I hope to inspire and assist others while elevating these critical topics.

    I have experienced the transformative power of finding meaning amidst grief, allowing me to transcend victimhood and discover peace. I have diligently reframed my struggles, avoiding self-pity and focusing on maintaining a broader outlook.

    The challenges I have faced, although immensely difficult, have ultimately strengthened me. By openly sharing my journey and vulnerabilities, I have fostered authentic connections and garnered support.

    Julie Muir
    Julie MuirCelebrant + Mental Health Advocate, Julie Muir - Celebrant

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